Our Trainers

Frances Carbonnel, Classical Legacy

Frances  Carbonnel has been awarded the USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in  dressage, and has also won several world Western Dressage championships.  Frances offers individual hourly lessons on your horse or one of her  schoolmasters on both classical and western dressage.


 Her school horses are trained in the lateral movements, canter flying  changes, piaffe and passage. All levels of riders are welcome. For those  who want to show, she teaches all aspects of that process in a  supportive team atmosphere. While showing can provide a valuable means  for setting and achieving goals, she does not believe it to be crucial  to the development of the horse/rider relationship.

Frances bases her teaching on classical French dressage principles. She  began her classical training while living in Southern France riding at  the school of Nuno Olivera. To her, riding becomes art and the pursuit  of beauty, harmony, and balance. She believes that classical dressage is  the foundation for all training and uses it as the basis for jumping  and rail classes too. A favorite pastime of Frances’ is Doma Vaquera  riding, including the art of the Garrocha.

Learn Western Dressage with Frances - now teaching individual and group lessons in the fun new sport of western dressage!

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Gretchen Stempf, Tailored Equine Training

With  over 20 years of experience with horses, Gretchen can help you and your  horse get on track. Across all disciplines, Gretchen believes that by  making “the right thing easy” for your horse, a relaxed, trusting  partnership between horse and rider is possible. While working under  renowned horseman Charlie Carrel for the past 5 years, Gretchen  has learned how to establish a solid foundation on a young one just  getting started, and also remedy behavioral issues that an older one  might be having with his or her rider. She can also further develop your  green horse that may need some tuning up, exposure, mileage, or more  consistent work that you may not have the time for.


Growing up in Connecticut, Gretchen showed in the Equitation as a Child  and Junior and had much success; winning Junior Medal Reserve Champion  at Connecticut Finals, end-of-the-year  Junior Equitation Champion  multiple years in a row, and qualified for New England Finals and Maclay  Regionals every year, to name a few. With her extensive background in a  riders’s position and execution on course, Gretchen can teach rider’s  of all ages and levels, whether it’s your first time on a horse or you  are ready to step into the show ring.

For young horse development, fixing a problem horse, or riding lessons,  contact Tailored Equine Training (Gretchen Stempf) at (860) 424-7629 or  email at TailoredEquineTraining@gmail.com


Cynda Dyer, Champions Equestrian

Whether you are 5 years old, celebrating your 105th birthday, or maybe you're somewhere in between, you are welcome to join us in experiencing the joy of horses. Riding lessons and training sessions are based on the proven fundamentals of classic horsemanship and are set up to help you reach realistic goals. We are well equipped to assist in a child's junior career, a young adult's start as a professional, or an adult amateur's quest to fulfilling the lifelong passion for horses. At Champions Equestrian, we strive to help you meet your equestrian aspirations, competition related or not.

Cynda loves helping the bond between horse and rider grow into a successful partnership. She has a unique passion for working with young horses and setting them up for success with their owners.

Cynda has over 35 years of experience riding, showing, training, and caring for equine athletes. She has started babies, shown successfully at the top levels, and coached students in 'A' circuit hunter/jumper rings and 4-H kids in the western pleasure arena. Lauren has nearly 2 decades of experience working for hunter/jumper trainers, riding under their tutelage, and is consistently broadening her knowledge in every aspect of horse care. 

Cynda offers lessons and training on her school horses at Mariah Farms. Contact her directly at 303-210-2433 or cynda.championsequestrian@gmail.com