Frances Carbonnel has been awarded the USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in dressage, and has also won several world Western Dressage championships. Frances offers individual hourly lessons on your horse or one of her schoolmasters on both classical and western dressage.

Her school horses are trained in the lateral movements, canter flying changes, piaffe and passage. All levels of riders are welcome. For those who want to show, she teaches all aspects of that process in a supportive team atmosphere. While showing can provide a valuable means for setting and achieving goals, she does not believe it to be crucial to the development of the horse/rider relationship.

Frances bases her teaching on classical French dressage principles. She began her classical training while living in Southern France riding at the school of Nuno Olivera. To her, riding becomes art and the pursuit of beauty, harmony, and balance. She believes that classical dressage is the foundation for all training and uses it as the basis for jumping and rail classes too. A favorite pastime of Frances’ is Doma Vaquera riding, including the art of the Garrocha.

Learn Western Dressage with Frances - now teaching individual and group lessons in the fun new sport of western dressage!

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