Mariah Farms
Jim Lamke
4490 E Highway 86 
Castle Rock, CO  80104
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Board Rate
Box Stalls: (12 x 12) - $700 per month
                           Feeding up to 3 flakes twice a day (grass and/or alfalfa)
                           Grain (up to 3 lb. per day)
                           Turnout 7 days a week (except Holidays and bad weather)
                           Feeding of owners supplied supplements
                           Blanketing following Mariah Farms Rules  

           Shed Runs:   $500 per month per horse - Double pen (2 horses share a shed run)
                              $525 per month - Single pen (1 horse by themselves)
                      *Feeding twice a day of hay
                           *Feeding of owner supplied supplements and grain

All board includes:  use of outdoor and indoor arenas, riding in the pasture and one tack locker (as space provides).

Additional Feed
         Hay - 2 Flakes extra per day (normal feed times) = $70 per month
         Grain - 2 lbs extra per day = $40 per month
         Midday feeding - 2 flakes = $130 (inside) or $100 (outside) per month
         Bale of hay = $15.00                        

Additional Services
         Administering med's - $3 per day -
         (med's not given within your daily
          supplement bags)         
         Blanketing = $50 per month or $6 per day -
         (must call by 2:00 p.m. of the same day or
          it is $12 per day)
         Fly Mask - $15 per month
         Half-day turn out = $40 per month or $5 per day
         Individual turn out - $35 per month
 Extra Tack Locker - $20 per month (if space provides)
         Trailer parking = $45 per month
         Extra Tack Locker = $20 per month (as space

Temporary Stall Stay
        From 1 to 30 days, otherwise the monthly board rate
        and a signed contract required. Feed not included.
        $15 bedding fee (one time)
        $25 per day

Trailer In
        $20 per horse, per hour
        $150 monthly per horse - unlimited riding

Arena Rental/Clinics
        $325 per day - See Jim for details

Trailering Services (emergency only)
        $85 hook-up fee plus $4.00 / loaded mile

*All fees due at time of service. Rates subject to change without notice.