In 1991 Mariah Farms was the first ranch to be approved in Douglas County as a horse boarding facility. On October 12, 1991 the Daily News - Press wrote that the county commissioners were "delighted" to have a boarding facility that offered great care and horseback riding lessons to the community of Castle Rock.

Since purchasing Mariah Farms in 2003, the Lamke’s continue to provided top quality boarding services to all levels of equestrian enthusiasts.

The Lamke family

Mariah Farms is the home of owners / operators Jim and Lisa Lamke. They have been married for 15 years and have 2 daughters who also have fun around the barn. Jim and Lisa work together with their daughters in tow. It is a family friendly facility with a pleasant atmosphere.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Jim graduated from CSU and was part of the rodeo team. In addition to running Mariah Farms, Jim was a big game hunting outfitter for 10 years whose hunts were conducted solely on horseback. His attention to detail and mechanical ability has benefited the operation of Mariah Farms. He is not afraid of hard work and takes the time to listen to the concerns of the horse owners. The well being of the horses is his top priority.

Lisa Lamke is an active mother who also finds time to ride regularly and train with Frances Carbonnel. Lisa’s love of horses goes back to her childhood when she spent summers on her grandfather’s cattle ranch to help with roundups and brandings. Lisa also has her own photography business where she likes to capture special moments particularly of people and their horses.